Building for the future


We own 21 acres of land in rural Kenya, a site we have named Imani -meaning Faith. It is here that we are building a new Urgent Rescue Centre and trauma recovery facilities that will enable the rescue, restoration and reintegration of many vulnerable children for generations to come.

Imani will be a place that brings positive change to an entire region. Our desire is to be a resource to the community that brings lasting impact to families living in poverty through our extensive range of community transformation projects.


Plans and Progress

education and training

Education and Training

Imani is hosting significant outreaches and training events, impacting the lives of hundreds of widows and community leaders. We have built a large community Kibanda, with a capacity to seat 250 people, it is here that the outreaches are regularly held. Alongside this, we will be building a nursery school for the children living at the Child Rescue Centre, as well as opening up the nursery to poor children within the surrounding community. Our goal is to see many people equipped and empowered at Imani.

child rescue centre.png

Child Rescue Centre

The KCP is building accommodation where 96 vulnerable children can be housed, at any one time. The accommodation will be divided into 6 houses, creating an environment where family can be demonstrated and protected. There will be a large dining hall, kitchen and a jungle-gym play area! The Child Rescue Centre will be a place where children break free from the trauma of the past, and receive empowerment for a better future. Our life changers (social care professionals) work alongside these children and their families to ultimately see these children be safely reintegrated.

self sustainability.png

Self-Sustainable Farming

We are currently farming 5 acres of land. Nutritious crops are being produced, benefiting the children rescued and the wider community. We are investing into the land, farming with excellence, in order to create self-sustainability and revenue. Already, many goats have been reared on the land, stimulating the KCP ‘goat giving project’, blessing many widows in need whilst our KCP cow supplies the children’s home with an amazing amount of milk. Much is happening on the land. Whilst planning for our first two small businesses, brick-building and fish farming is also underway.

medical care

Medical Care

We strive to see an end to poverty related sickness. To do this, education is vital and so we are promoting health and hygiene education, giving parents and children the necessary tool of prevention. Alongside this, the eradication of Tungiasis is one of our main focuses (through our Give Feet a Fighting Chance project). We don’t want to stop here, we have vision to see a medical centre at Imani for the benefit of vulnerable children in desperate need. We will fight to see an end to death from treatable diseases due to poverty.

legacy and inheritance

Legacy and Inheritance

We are empowering children for a brighter future. Vulnerable children in our care are receiving education and basic life skills training such as farming, giving them valuable empowerment for their future. Our Life Changers (social care professionals) also work to restore lost inheritance for children who have been disowned by their families. They are facilitating the restoration of relationship amongst broken families, as well as legally regaining ownership of land for disinherited children, through the courts. We are giving children security and hope for their future.


Brick by brick

All of our buildings are being built using interlocking blocks, made by hydraulically compressing a mixture of the raw soil and cement stabiliser. All of the soil used in the production has been sourced from the excavation and terracing of our land. Our machine has produced over 600,000 bricks!

bricks copy 2.png

Will you join us and make this dream a reality?

We are looking for individual and corporate partners to help us fulfil these goals and transform countless lives in Kenya. You could be part of seeing this story unfold; it is history in the making.