Tungiasis is a flea that buries into the flesh. Left untreated, it can cause immobility, loss of limbs or even death due to secondary infections.
With your help, we can stamp it out forever.


The infestation of Tungiasis can rapidly affect an entire home, school or community. The flea is highly contagious and is difficult to eradicate. Children that are infected become outcasts because of the shame associated with this disease. They cannot run, play, or concentrate in class because of the pain.


How We Treat Tungiasis


The victim’s feet are cleaned and soaked in an antiseptic solution. Most children we treat do not own a pair of shoes. This fact alone is one of the major contributory factors to the problem.


The affected areas are smothered in petroleum jelly in order to suffocate the Tunga Penetran. This process is repeated numerous times until the cycle of Tungiasis has ended and the feet have healed.


Every child is given a pair of shoes to protect their feet and aid the prevention of recontracting Tungiasis.


The Result


Improved Education

No longer in pain, children can concentrate in class! Mundulu Primary School progressed from an under-achieving school to an achieving school following the Tungiasis treatment we carried out.


Health & Sanitation

Their bodies are healthy and their hygiene is improved. As a result they are no longer at risk of secondary infections. Education has enabled families to reduce the risk of contracting Tungiasis again.


Better Well-Being

Children are free to run and play! They are no longer outcasts but are surrounded by friends. The treatment of Tungiasis has empowered them for a future filled with possibilities.


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