Enabling and empowering poor communities to become self-sustainable, so they thrive. 


Family Strengthening

Our Family Strengthening Programmes target disadvantaged families to prevent crises that can in the worst case scenarios lead to child neglect, abuse, separation, abandonment or even death. These programmes work directly with families and communities to help them to effectively protect and care for their children, in cooperation with local authorities, and in collaboration with other agencies and charities.

Our services offer families support in the short, medium and long-term. Our input not only meets the more immediate needs of families and vulnerable children, but also empowers families to become self-sufficient long term.


Building safe homes

We are giving children and their parents, or guardians, a roof over their heads and a safe place to sleep at night. This is achieved through the practical building of homes for families, whom otherwise have no choice but to live in unsafe and unstable homes. A house build project costs just £1200, enabling us to build a mud home that will remain strong for 30 - 40 years. Alongside building these homes, our team provide family therapy and life skills training in order to equip these families for a transformed economic future. This practical project is more than the provision of a home, it is a act of empowerment enabling families to stay together, so that children do not need alternative care.


Widows of Worth

Despite unimaginable trauma we are continually inspired by the strength and courage of the women we work alongside. Over 2000 widows attend our self help groups and events where these marginalised women receive empowerment and love. We provide grievance support, human rights teaching, life skills training, ministry, table banking and goat rearing initiatives. The transformation of a community begins in the lives of these widows and their children.  


Give Feet a Fighting Chance

We are in a battle to save feet and eradicate Tungiasis. Tungiasis is an infection caused by a sand flea that buries into the flesh, causing irritation and pain. Left untreated, it can cause immobility, loss of limbs and even death due to secondary infections. Tungiasis is known by locals as “the poor man’s disease”, the parasite lives in dusty conditions and as a result those who are most at risk on contracting the parasite are those who cannot afford shoes and sleep on dusty floors. Through our mobile treatment clinics we are seeing children, schools and communities free from this crippling disease and the stigma that is associated with the infection.


Water for life

Clean water is a necessity that many people across the world do not yet have access to. We are building fresh water wells in strategic places where poor communities otherwise have very limited access to clean water. Thousands of families collect water daily at wells we have built with your help. Together we are bringing clean water to the mouths of many.


Become a monthly partner

If you would like to partner with us to make a lasting impact in the life of a vulnerable child then we invite you to partner with us and join The Lift Community, a group of monthly givers.

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