Enabling and empowering poor communities to become self-sustainable, so they thrive.

Feeding Programs

At The KCP we are resourcing communities so the hungry can be fed. We have built 26 kitchens to enable the Mother’s Union to carry out the necessary feeding programmes. Hundreds of orphans are fed from each kitchen every week. For some it is the only hot meal they will receive in a week.

Widows of Worth

At The KCP we are restoring widow’s worth and giving them hope. Our heart is to empower these women to be able to care for their own children and enable families to succeed. We are seeing amazing breakthrough through seminars and training. Our Deborah house compound is also being used as a safe refuge for widows and their children in their distress.

Give Feet A Fighting Chance

At The KCP we are fighting to save feet. Many people living in poverty are suffering with Tungiasis. Tungiasis is a flea that buries into the flesh. Left untreated, it can cause immobility, loss of limbs or even death due to secondary infections. We are working to see children, schools and communities free from this disease.

Give Feet a fighting Chance Photo

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