Family is at the fundamental core of The KCP, and so wherever possible we assist families so they can stay together. However sometimes due to the severity and toxicity of a family environment, children may need to be removed for a short or longer period of time. In such cases, the children are brought into The KCP Child Rescue Centre where they receive full time care. It is here that the journey of transformation begins! Many of the children in The KCP family have been orphaned or survived homelessness, severe abuse, extreme poverty, neglect or abandonment. These children are now being loved back to life; they are receiving education, counselling and health care, they are no longer abandoned but they belong.

After receiving this lifesaving support, wherever possible, we work to reintegrate children over time to live with family members again. When this is possible, we celebrate and when it is not possible we care for the children as though they are our own, until the best solution for them is found. This year we had our first Kenyan adoption. We are seeing the lives of children be restored into family, education and fullness of health and you could be part of this!

Child Sponsorship

Life Sponsorship

Children receiving life sponsorship have been brought into our residential homes to ensure their safety. Life sponsorship is the support of their immediate needs such as:

FoodHousingClothingMedical Costs

Education Sponsorship

Many children in Kenya are unable to attend school due to poverty. A great way to invest into a child’s future is to provide them with an education. Help us empower children to succeed through sponsoring a child’s education. It will break the cycle of poverty in their lives.

For a minimum of £25 a month you can be part of a child’s journey of restoration. Give a child a reason to hope. Sponsor a child today.

Meet Joseph

Joseph is a survivor. When Doctors and his community were convinced he would die, Joseph found a strength that amazed us all. No longer living in extreme poverty, his life has been dramatically transformed.

Invest into a child’s future and empower them to succeed