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Celebrating Kevin's Incredible Recovery

Many of you have been following Kevin’s fight against a form of cancer called “Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia” and lots of you have generously donated towards his medical costs - we can’t thank you enough!


Children living in SAFETY within a FAMILY is our goal. In order to achieve this we have the following programme; Rescue, Rebuild, Reintegrate. This is a hot topic right now, so let me share with you the very heart behind why we exist and exactly what we are achieving at The Kenyan Children' Project...

Life On The Street - Daniel's Story

Living on the streets is a hard reality for so many young boys in Kenya. In this harsh world they are subject to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Today is a huge milestone for Kevin

We have been eagerly looking forward to today! Today marks the completion of Kevin’s ‘remission induction’ course of Chemotherapy treatment! Kevin has been receiving intense treatment since he was first diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), back in September 2017. It has been a long process with many medical procedures, but throughout it all Kevin has amazed us with his bravery and strength. We are so proud of him.