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Running for their lives!

Sarah Nudds, CEO of the Kenyan Children's Project, is running Windsor Half Marathon (13.1 miles /  21.1 K) on 24th of September to raise financial support to change the lives of children in desperate situations in Kenya. 

A Day to Celebrate - it's Time for University!

We are so excited to report that one of our boys is beginning university today! He is the FIRST of the children we have rescued to go to university and we are so proud of him. This is such a huge achievement. The transformation in his life has been extraordinary.

Dreams becoming Reality: Faith Village Progress

We are so excited to give you this latest update about the building of Faith Village. The change on the land is visible, and it is such a great sign of all the transformation that is to come from this place. 

Fighting for a family in need - Alfred's Emergency Medical Appeal

We have found an incredibly desperate Father and his four children who are in extreme need of assistance and medical care. Many of you will have seen our previous facebook post about Alfred and his four children. Without treatment, this father, Alfred will die.