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Building A House And Transforming Lives

This is the story of the Sinyende family and how we are working to save them from their desperate reality so that they can have a hope filled future. 

We've started building Faith Village!

EXCITING NEWS…  our building plans for Faith Village have been approved, we have the go ahead to build! This has been a lengthy process that has required a lot of work and so we are celebrating how far we have come and all we have learnt along the way. 

Spring Update

We have had so many exciting developments in the last few weeks and we wanted to let you know some of what’s been going on. 

International Day For Street Children

Today is the International Day For Street Children. As part of The Consortium For Street Children we are saying YES to the recent release of the new UN Comment on the rights of the street connected child.We believe that governments should...STEP 1: COMMIT TO EQUALITY