What We Do

The KCP works alongside destitute children, to transform their lives and bring hope. We believe all children should receive an education, have access to clean water, live in safety and be loved. Everything we do at The KCP is to see these basic human rights be restored. Our aim is to empower and equip families so they can beat poverty. This is achieved through health care, family therapy, education, training, house build projects, and through other poverty eliminating methods. Wherever possible we fight to see families stay together. However, in cases where a child is subject to abuse, or neglect, further intervention is required and vulnerable children are brought into our Child Rescue Centre. Our objective is to empower each child to become a successful, valuable member of their society. To date we have transformed the lives of many hundreds of children!

Meet The Team

Stuart & Chloe Glassborow


Stuart and Chloe Glassborow live a far from normal life. They travel the world seeing people set free from pain and brokenness, spreading hope wherever they go. Whilst Stuart is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon and Chloe trained as a Personal Fitness Trainer, they now lead three organisations in the UK, including The KCP. They have a heart for the broken and vulnerable and they have given their lives to see breakthrough come for those in need. Stuart and Chloe have travelled to Kenya over 50 times and although they are rooted in London, Kenya is also their home.

Sarah Nudds

CEO / Trustee

Samuel Nudds


Daniel Graham


Phil & Heather Warren


The KCP Missionaries

Our volunteers play a vital role at The KCP, in which they contribute invaluable time and skills to the organisation.

Kenyan Staff Team

At The KCP, we have 33 employed Kenyan staff and the team continues to grow. Our projects are thriving because of their hard work and dedication to see a positive change in the lives of the vulnerable.

The KCP Timeline

  • 1st visit to Kenya

    Stuart and Chloe visit Kenya with a fresh water bore hole project to provide 3000 people with access to clean, running water. It is here that Stuart and Chloe meet street children and are so impacted by a need to help the children.

  • 2004
  • Return to Kenya

    Stuart and Chloe return to Kenya to investigate, collect photographic evidence and document the issue first hand. 10 days are spent meeting street children, feeding and establishing rapport with them.

  • Fundraising in the UK for a children’s home

  • 2005
  • The purchase of the retreat centre, soon to become a home for rescued street children

  • The KCP becomes a registered charity

    UK Charity number 1110102, operating under the UK charities commission.

  • Renovations are underway at the new children's home

  • 2006
  • KCP rescues 5 street boys

    They are the first to be welcomed into the children's home.

  • 2007
  • Kitchens are built and feeding programmes supported

  • Rescue of vulnerable boys continues

  • 2008
  • Mobile medical programmes begin for vulnerable children in rural areas

  • 2009
  • The KCP school building is complete and the school is opened.

  • More land

    The KCP purchases an additional plot of land with plans to build Deborah house girls home.

  • Empowering widows

    Health care and seminars for widows with the Mother’s Union.

  • 2010
  • Rescuing vulnerable girls

    The building work for a rescue home for girls begins.

  • The KCP rents a property so vulnerable girls can be brought into safety until our building is complete.

  • 2011
  • Give Feet A Fighting Chance is launched

    Our new project to treat Tungiasis begins in Mundulu, 93 children are successfully treated.

  • Development of community transformation projects in poor areas

  • 2013
  • Dream for a Father Heart Village awakened

  • 2014
  • Finance raised to purchase 20 acres of land

    Plans to build housing for vulnerable children, a medical centre and begin self-sustainable farming are underway.

  • 75 children now in our care

  • Organic farming training

    Through partnership with Organics 4 Orphans, week long training courses for local Kenyans to be empowered in self sustainability and farming are carried out in poor and vulnerable communities.

  • 2015
  • Land

    15 acres of land purchased in Kabras, Kenya.

  • Community transformation

    The KCP built a well, renovated a homework club and have grown relationship with a local slum community.

  • Street children

    Street work has been developed; children are being reintegrated safely home, with family and education support. The KCP support programs for street children are running successfully.

  • House builds

    2 homes have been built for destitute families within their own communities. The vision for many more life-changing house build projects has been birthed.

  • 2016
  • Water wells

    The KCP has built a well for the community of Shivakala.
    A solar powered borehole has been drilled on the land at Faith Village (Kabras), reaching a depth of 171.6 feet!

  • Land

    4 additional acres of land have been purchased in Kabras.
    The KCP is enjoying the harvest of five acres that were farmed, providing food for children in our care.

  • House builds

    More homes have been built for vulnerable families in the community, bringing the total to 10 complete homes, so far!

  • Child Rescue

    70 children are being supported through education. The KCP have children at all stages including: nursery school, primary school, secondary school, college, vocational courses and university. Many children are being empowered for a great future.

  • Micro businesses

    Micro business schemes have been launched; including table banking, goat breeding and the selling of produce

  • Goat Project

    the first 14 goats were gifted to vulnerable widows.

  • Give Feet A Fighting Chance (GFAFC) 2016 achievements

    669 people (primarily children) treated for Tungiasis.
    5 villages significantly impacted through monthly clinics.
    10 large GFAFC campaigns held.
    Approximately 70 houses were visited for individual treatment and Tungiasis prevention and treatment education.

  • 2017
  • Land

    An additional 2 acres of land has been purchased, in Kabras Kenya, for the growth and development of Faith village.
    Farming continues to yield food for children in our care and surplus crops for sale.
    The construction of the first building has begun, a large kibanda for community events, trainings and outreaches. Sections of land have also been terraced in preparation for the construction of the soon coming children’s homes.

  • Street children

    So far 15 children have been reintegrated home from living on the streets, through KCP street work.

  • Give Feet A Fighting Chance

    559 people (primarily children) have been treated for Tungiasis, between January and April 2017.

  • House builds

    Another 2 homes have been built for families in rural communities.

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