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Fighting for a family in need - Alfred's Emergency Medical Appeal

We have found an incredibly desperate Father and his four children who are in extreme need of assistance and medical care. Many of you will have seen our previous facebook post about Alfred and his four children. Without treatment, this father, Alfred will die.

Widows of Worth

Following KCP tradition, a large team of 48 were recently taken to Kenya to help with our projects. We can recall story after story journeying the amazing impact and transformation The KCP has been able to bring to so many people’s lives on a continual basis.

Saving Lives, Treating Feet

We are seeing so much breakthrough as we continue to treat Tungiasis! In March, we held Tungiasis treatment programmes across four poor rural communties, where we successfully treated 359 people, most of whom were children.  

This is transformation! We are building!

We are so excited to give you this latest update about our development project for Imani Village in Kabras. Work has been progressing and suddenly the difference is very visible!